Indonesia and the Netherlands: ‘We have a common heritage of 350 years, and we need to look after it. To be able to do that together we need to know and learn from the past and appreciate the viewpoint of the other.’
29 January 2007
Visiting Israel recently, we were struck by the enormous pressure under which both Israelis and Palestinians live.
04 December 2006
Politicians, journalists, opinion leaders, all of us are challenged to look further, listen better and think deeper before we offer our opinion.
26 May 2006
If we as Western Europeans are prepared to understand, we can also ask for understanding. That understanding is about the meaning of freedom.
10 February 2006
A Dutch Initiatives of Change worker and author looks at some of the movement's mistakes.
17 October 2005
The Netherlands has been in turmoil since Theo van Gogh, a controversial filmmaker and outspoken critic of Islam, was murdered in Amsterdam. We have been woken up.
22 November 2004